Diplomatic Times


Diplomatic Times (formerly Diplomatic Call) is a foreign affairs media and research hub that incites intelligent discussions from the heart of the Diplomatic and International Investments and Business Communities in Ghana and the African continent. Our platforms provide a unique insight into the minds of the most prominent business leaders, governments and diplomats on the continent. The brand also provides a mix of high quality analysis, on Africa's international affairs and foreign investments on the continent. Our exclusive access to African Governments, Ambassadors and CEOs of Foreign Businesses and other key dignitaries makes our brand an essential reading and interest for governments, diplomats, expats, investors, development partners, politicians, professionals from various fields, local and international think tanks and civil society groups among others. “We command, we are listened to and our recommendations are held in high esteem.” Operating from Accra Ghana, Diplomatic Times is managed by the International Perspective for Policy & Governance (IPPG).